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More about us later.

I’d rather talk about why.

Ever hear that Bright Eyes Song?

I’ve got a hunger and I can’t seem to get full.”

That how I feel reading newsletters.

Once I decided to launch this site, I signed up for every newsletter I could find that even remotely related to the sectors we’d be covering here. To learn.

Seems like these people send me a couple hundred thousand emails a day.

What a circus.

I’m not criticizing; that would miss the point: yes, we have a newsletter, but we’re not in the newsletter business.

We have a different objective.

We’re answering a different question.

My background is in direct marketing and franchising. I spent the last decade franchising my company all across Europe and South America. I moved 21 times in 8 years. And, as my British friends would say, we rinsed it.

A few years ago, I parlayed the entirety of my spoils into junior mining, resources, and a few other sideways ideas. It’s more complex than that—I had help. A lot of help.

More on that later. After you join the club.

For now, let’s just say it was, it is, a group effort.

While everyone else is chasing 5% and 10% returns, while fund managers that got you 60% this year are celebrated as heroes and paraded around investment sites like gods, there are groups and individuals out there, right now, doubling their money. Tripling their money. Or more. Sometimes a lot more.

On my desk right now is an investment one of these guys brought me three years ago. Start up. High Risk. High Reward. I take every deal this guy brings me. Every one.

Now that little company is going public. My shares, pre-IPO, are worth Sixty Times what I paid.

If you had put in just five grand, you’d now have three hundred thousand.

That’s not every deal this guy brings me, but it’s definitely not the exception either.

But that deal, and many others like it, aren’t generally available to the public. You won’t find them in any newsletters. By the time you do, the real winners—The Fat Cats—have already made multiples.

You’re either in a network and you get a phone call, or you’re not.

I fell in with a group. A crew. A club.

That’s what this site is about.

Those trades.


Because no one else is.

Because it warrants documentation.

And because we’re frustrated.

Especially in the sectors we’re investing in—resources, nano-caps, junior mining—captivating stories and wild promotion abound. But most are simply professional fundraisers. And they’ll rob you blind.

Individual companies push their story.

Investment sites sell themselves to the highest bidder, the best kickback. Then they sell you.

Newsletters exist to build a subscriber base and monetize it—that’s it. Privately, they’ll tell you the same.

We’re doing something different.

We do not entertain solicitation. We make our living investing.

We identify macro trends & the industries that stand to benefit. Then zero in on the companies within that industry that should go rocketship if our thesis is correct—typically small, micro, nano-cap companies.

When we find a winner, we stack our chips.

Then, I approach that company. Some of them. The one’s I’d like to write about.

I show them our analysis. I offer to publish an article or report on our site, and to our subscribers, for a fee.

If they say no, we file away our findings and participate only as an investor. Usually. If it’s super interesting or cool, we might publish anyways…

If they say yes, we accept a fee and you read all about it.

We’re a site written for investors, by investors.

We are absolutely biased. If you see a company on this site, it’s in my portfolio.

But it’s bigger than that.

We’re going to show you what’s behind the curtain.

The very best private placements. Warrant strategy. Trading options. Getting accredited. Navigating the paperwork.

How to pay zero tax, legally, even if you’re American. How to do this full time, if that’s your goal. We’re going to teach you Strategy.

All the things we’re doing personally. All the things I’m doing personally.

For now, you can subscribe for free.

At some point, we’ll have to charge to limit the size of the group.

Because of the types of investments we do, we have keep this club somewhat small.

Too many subscribers, and we can’t tell you about that junior with a 12m market cap, because it would cause chaos. Part of the reason the major publications can’t tell you about the companies we can.

So congrats on being early.

If you’re a sophisticated investor, or intelligent and motivated enough to become one, you’re our audience.

Drop me your email below while it’s still free, and welcome to the club.

-Christoph Grizzard, The Fat Cat Investor




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