A Canadian In Panama

Welcome back Speculators.  I’m on the road.  Record feedback from our last edition got me curious enough to run the Read more

Double Your Income: Stop Paying Taxes!

  The easiest way to double your money—nearly overnight––actually has very little to do with investing. How much wealthier would you Read more

Dollar Dive: Two Paths to Profit

  Last week we profiled the recent declines in the value of the dollar…and why we believe this is a Read more

The Dollar is Down Over 10%…What happens next?

The U.S. dollar started off the New Year on the wrong foot – drifting lower.

When the Yield Curve Flips…

Why The Yield Curve is Flattening And What That Spells For 2018 (….it’s not good) The yield curve is a Read more

Back To The Bitcoin Futures

How many people that own a Bitcoin can actually explain what it is? Reminds me of an interview I saw Read more

The Simple Silver Contrarian Play

March 23rd, 2006. Sometime between midnight and sunrise I became a contrarian, and a silver bug. Coast to Coast AM Read more

The Bitcoin Bubble: What Happens When There is Too Much Money Being Printed

If you’re like me, these have been the headlines you’ve seen all day everyday for the last six months. . Read more

Gold Fundamentals Are Preparing for An Exciting Future

Gold’s fundamentals are looking better every day. After years of low gold prices, the supply of gold hasn’t grown. All Read more

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